Maurras, Charles

   writer, political figure
   Born in Martigues, Charles Maurras was a Provençal influenced by the writings of Frédéric mistral and the ideas of maurice barrès, ernest renan, and anatole France. In his own writings, he expressed his love for the culture of ancient Greece and the cult of order and reason. His L'Avenir de l'intelligence (1900) and Anthinéa (1901) are reflections on human nature and the decline of democracy, as well as of art; he was particularly critical of romanticism (Romanticisme et Révolution, 1925). His own neoclassicism is expressed in his Enquête sur la monarchie (1909), which appeared after the Dreyfus affair (see alfred dreyfus) and inaugurated his Action française movement (1908-44), of which he was the driving force. In all his political writings, done in a forceful dialectical style, Maurras waged a relentless war against the revolution of 1789, the 19th century, romanticism, the third republic, foreigners in France, Freemasons, and Jews (Mes Idées politiques, 1937). An outspoken monarchist, Maurras held a position that is summarized in the motto of the Action française: "Classicism, Monarchy, Catholicism." He even wished to restore Catholicism as the state religion of France. Nonetheless, his writings were put on the Index, the Catholic Church's list of forbidden readings. Maurras, who with his Action française appealed to the most conservative of the French bourgeoisie, supported Benito Mussolini and Francisco Franco, and subsequently collaborated with the vichy regime. For this, he was sentenced to life imprisonment (1945), but he was released shortly before his death. Maurras was elected to the Académie Française in 1938, but he was expelled in 1945.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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